5 Habits of Highly Attractive Women

What makes a woman attractive and fun to be around? Or what makes a woman unforgettable in a man's mind? What makes a man say, “she is the one?”

It's a combination of factors to take into account with women. However, here's five factors for your consideration:

1. They are authentic. They're aggressive, determined, and don't care what the rest of the world thinks. They don't follow the herd and don't lose sleep at nights thinking about them. Think about people such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and George Bush. You may have your opinions about them, however they are who they are.

2. They are articulate. Love'em or hate'em, these women have an opinion and can articulate there points of view. These women are very opinionated, proud, and there is NEVER a dull moment in there presence.

3. Standards. They stand for something and their always on purpose. They are risk takers and sometimes turn people off going against the “status quo.” There is no risk without REWARD. Think about Sarah Palin or Hilary Clinton. What stand are YOU taking?

4. They don't focus on the media...they become the media. They are the movers, shakers, interviewers, and relationship builders. They don't wait on things to happen, they make them happen. These women are likely to post videos, write articles, and interview others to support there tribe or movement. What media have you created today?

5. They build movements or create a lifestyle of there own. These women are always striving to be better along with the people surrounding them. No matter how rich, famous, big, and loud they are...there always building something bigger than themselves. Think about Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Rachel Ray. What's YOUR movement?

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