You Don't Want To...

Smile (open your mouth and showing teeth...make eye contact dammit!)

Build rapport (look for common interest and pretend you like everything about her)

Give compliments (I really love your dress, it goes so well with your red shoes and kiss butt)

You Need Game...

It's not just about saying the right things...

It's not just about having the right things to say at the right time...

It's not just about building rapport or being nice or sweet or authentic with a woman...

It's not just about doing what women want and hopefully she'll fall in love with you...



Secrets of Attracting Women

First, you must understand a woman's true nature and what's really going on inside of a woman's mind and get her to respond in ways to help you become attractive.

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Play or Be Played

Understand why women act the way they do and the psychology behind it (hint: it's not a THING). You can continue to be a people pleaser, kiss butt, and listen to women all you want...and get screwed around. Or...

"Discover How I Help Men Become So Damn Attractive Women Can't Forget About Them!"


I help men become their best self and so attractive to women until they can't resist you. If your looking to become more attractive to women you're in the right place. 

It's really THAT simple, nothing more nothing less!


I'm Sharp Game...

Born in 1974 from Badass parents... my mother told me she knew I was going to be a special child growing up. Heck, I came out of her womb in a unconventional way. Don't really know what that means.

I grew up shy and sometimes bashful. Always looking for new experiences and meeting new people. I've learned valuable lessons through the school of hard knocks.

As a result, I wrote 3 books and impacted MILLIONS of people worldwide (especially men). Been around the world twice visiting places where only people dream and have nightmares.

I use to be in the US Navy a 100 years ago where my journey started with learning "The Game."

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The Science of Influence And Attraction Works Like Magic

Get plane discounts and upgrades over and over again. (And I didn't have to sell my soul either)

Influence people through written word...emails, dating sites, pitches, and breakup letters.

I influence women to do things they would never do for the other man (if you know what I mean).

Meet influencers and some celebrities online and offline...

I'm Your "Trusted Game Advisor"

I'm a Game Advisor. I empower men to be their best self. To become more attractive and persuasive to women. Men persuading their boss or coworkers to be less shitty, men persuading their women to be more giving, loving and caring. 

I'm always looking for persuasive ways in books, movies, conferences or meetings. I have done some unconventional and outrageous tactics in the name of GOD. 

"Learn The Game, Play The Game, And Become The Game!"

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