#1 Rule Men Must Know In Order To Have Sex With Women

Have you ever told a woman you want sex on a date? If you are a single guy meeting women at some point things will get out of control. Heck, your only human.

Sometimes “things just happen.” However, you should NEVER tell her you want to f**k her. Don't even do it if you're trying to be cute or clever.

Why? First, it probably won't happen. Second, things will begin to get uncomfortable and your date will be over. She will make up some random excuse saying “I have an early morning. Call me tomorrow?”


Look, you can't articulate and make plans for everything ahead of time. Don't say anything stupid like, “you are so hot, I'm gonna give it to you when I get you home.”

That's lame. She's also anticipating what is going to happen which could define her as being easy or a slut. That's not what she wants and that will not get you laid. Their is a method to the madness. This has tripped up many men over the years and still to this day.

Here's the deal...

What you need to do is move this along slowly, but surely using body language and subtle mental foreplay. You need to have some self-control. Let her get lost in the passion.

The secret is to act like you don't want sex even if you do. Discipline yourself and have some patience. This way, on Monday morning at work telling her friends about the date, she can justify it by saying “it just happened.”

And they will laugh because they all know what she's talking about when two people get swept away in passion. 

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